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How Bengals fans are reacting to Andy Dalton's historically bad game against the Browns gif

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Amazing Andy Dalton statistics given his 1.9 passer rating in last night's Browns-Bengals game:

It's the worst passer rating in Bengals history (30 passes minimum). Let that sink in and consider that the Bengals drafted Akili Smith, David Klingler, Jack Thompson

It's the worst passer rating since 1983, so literally the worst game played by a QB in the last 30 years.

It's the 4th worst passer rating of the Superbowl Era.

If Dalton threw 17 more passes last night and completed all 17 for 10 yards each with 2 TDs he'd still have a worse passer rating, completion % and YPA than Blaine Gabbert's average in Jacksonville.

If you added every pass Big Ben threw on his last 6 TD performance to Dalton's total from last night you'd still have a worse passer rating than the league average for the year.

If Dalton had spiked the ball in the turf for an incompletion on every passing attempt his passer rating would be 37 points higher than it was.

Andy Dalton last night:

Andy Dalton bad passer rating gif imgur

Marvin Lewis Thursday Night Football gfycat:

Andy Dalton's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Thursday Night Football:

Every awful pass in Andy Dalton's worst game ever:

Andy Dalton's new nickname: The a Red Musket.

Andy Dalton the Red Musket meme Imgur

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