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‘Too Many Cooks’: The ’80s Sitcom of Your Wildest Dreams. And Darkest Nightmares.

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O. M. F. G.

Thank you sir may I have another?

She only has 222 followers?! Ok now I'm following too.

one of the greatest youtube videos! 


What does this all mean? People are going to dissect this thing and pull out the themes and deeper implications. What do you want the takeaway to be?That’s a tough one. Here’s what it is: I’m a fan of David Lynch and Charlie Kaufman and Tim and Eric, and I wanted to try to do something weird like that. I was working intuitively, and there’s a quote Elvis Costello has that I really like. He said, “You start out imitating your heroes, and the way you f–k up becomes your style.” I was just working on a feeling, working intuitively. I could analyze it but that’s how I approached it originally. I look forward to reading all the analyses.

So basically, he just did it. There's no higher meaning.

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