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Raspberry Pi Model A+

Raspberry Pi Model A Linux Voice


As it turns out, it’s only really hardcore hackers that make any real use of the Model A. People like Dave Akerman ( Dave regularly attaches Model A Pis to weather balloons so he can take pictures with the Camera Board from an altitude of around 35km – right on the edge of space. With projects of this magnitude every milligram and milliwatt really count and the Model A’s lighter load in terms of weight and power consumption makes it the ideal candidate.

Eben is the first to admit the Foundation failed to communicate the benefits of the Model A beyond its cheaper price, and it’s something the team are determined to rectify with the new Model A+.

“It’s easy for people to look at the Model A and think it’s just a cheaper variant of the B. When they look at it like that they might as well just go for the deluxe model since it’s only an extra $10,” explains Upton. “I feel like some people missed out on why the lower-power model like the Model A can make sense. If you’re building something with robotics, or essentially any project that doesn’t need Ethernet networking, it’s a great fit.”

Eben also thinks it would make a mockery of the original $25 computer promise if they didn’t continue with the Model A: “It’s also really important to us because it’s our flagship product. It was our original stake in the ground and where it all started.”

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Attaching it to weather balloons to take pictures from space -- what a cool use.

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