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Katy Perry Imgur Heart Upvote gif

It's Imgur because the upvote turns the heart green.

katy perry hot imgur heart upvote gif dance corset thigh high boots

Imgur comments 2014:

Imgur comments 2015:

Green Heart is the new Imgur upvote:

imgur upvote is evolving gif heart

katy perry firework imgur upvote gif

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Original without the heart turning green:

katy perry hot heart panties gif Imgur corset thigh high boots

From a collection of Katy Perry gifs:

katy perry hot purple hair tight dress gif Imgur

There are a lot of gifs on that page, actually.

katy perry hot nude california gurls gif Imgur

katy perry hot silver tight dress dance gif Imgur blue hair

katy perry hot stripper pole gif Imgur

katy perry hot grab ass tight dress gif Imgur last friday night

katy perry hot latex tight dress gif Imgur mr burns simpsons

katy perry hot tight dress dancing gif Imgur

katy perry hot shiny tight dress dancing gif Imgur

katy perry hot wonder woman dancing gif Imgur batgirl

katy perry boobs perfect loop gif Imgur

katy perry boobs shimmy gif Imgur vegas go go dancer girl

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