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Man eating only Olive Garden achieves his goal, eats $1840 worth of food

Update Man eating only Olive Garden achieves his goal eats 1840 worth of food Salon com


On Sunday, Nov. 9, those who had been lucky enough to purchase one Olive Garden’s 1,000 Never-Ending Pasta Passes said good-bye to unlimited meals as the promotion came to a close. That means so did Alan Martin, the Burlington, N.C. minister who ate virtually every meal at the Italian chain for the past seven weeks.

I touched base with Martin via email on Monday to see if he met his goal of obtaining $1800 of food and to find out where he ate for lunch when the promotion was over. Here is the final tally:

Total meals: 115

Total value: $1840

Total weight gained/lost: -4 pounds (He lost weight. Seriously.)

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I don't know HOW he lost weight. Perhaps he got sick of the food?

Olive Garden: When you're here, why are you here?

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