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The New Face of Sports Gambling Is 'Kelly in Vegas'

The New Face of Sports Gambling Is Kelly in Vegas VICE Sports


Those losses won't slow her down, however. In fact, she admitted something few sports gambling regulars will openly state. "I'm addicted. One hundred and ten percent. I'm not going to lie to you. And don't let anybody else that does what I do say that they're not either. You just can't give it up." The reason for this is simple, "I like winning money. A friend of mine likes to use a quote, and I'll probably screw it up, but it's 'Money won is sweeter than money earned.' It's so true."

This attitude can get her into trouble. It's a pressing need to have action on a game, one that many gamblers can never overcome. "Since football's started, I've probably not bet maybe on two days. I'm talking like a Wednesday and a Tuesday. I don't like the game tonight [I spoke with Stewart an hour before the Redskins faced the Cowboys on Monday Night Football], but I needed some action on the game, so I teased the Cowboys and the over, and I was so bored, I teased the Redskins and the under just to see if I could hit a middle."

"Sometimes that attitude costs me money," she acknowledges. "A lot of the older guys get on me and tell me, 'Kelly, you've got to work on your discipline.'" It's something she's trying to conquer.

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We've ALL got to work on our discipline.

But yeah, she represents a growing belief that "money won is sweeter than money earned".

I do not believe this to be true.

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