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Leo the paraplegic dog's journey from Thailand to Canada

[Below I am reblogging OP's original post from Reddit and Imgur because I like the story.]


I found this little guy on a beach in Thailand dragging his paralyzed body around.

He was in horrible condition, he would have been dead within the month if I hadn't moved him. I couldn't find any rescues in Thailand to take him so I decided to bring him back to Canada.

The day I removed him from the beach, waiting outside the vets office.

Two months later and ready to leave!

Heading to Canada!

Reunited after 2 months

Finally time to relax and catch up on some well needed sleep.

Hanging outside, getting used to the cold

At his foster mom's house

Leo is finally able to walk again with the help of a wheelchair. He loves it!

Bonus pic! Thank you to everyone who donated and supported me through this whole process, I couldn't have done it without the kindness of total strangers who came together to make this happen.

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