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What it's like reading someone else's source code

I hate reading other peoples source code comic Imgur abstruse goose 432 you down with OPC yeah you know me

Artist is Abstruse Goose:

Found this via @lxt retweet:

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Why is this structure here?

Where could this bridge possibly lead?

This sign doesn't help much.

What a horribly designed street. Most inefficient.

Good God! What the hell does THIS contraption do?

I hate reading other people's code.

"This is a bridge." Yep, that's 80% of the comments you see (if you ever see one).

// This loop iterates over foobars and blahs them.

for (Foobar f : foobars) {



Over the years, working with lots of legacy code, I've come to just not even read comments. They are almost always either useless or obsolete.

This is why I make an effort to put hilarious jokes into comments whenever I can. :)

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