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Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time

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we just shared the same video

I like the boingboing link you shared, too:

Perhaps they should rename the site bongbong:

hahaha!  bongbong...

I think a bongbong website would become increasingly popular...

What doing drugs is like:

1400+ Reddit comments:

I guess there's nothing more viral in the interwebs than drunk/drugged grandmas, talking babies, dancing fat guys, and cat/dog videos.   Despite all those, it hasn't broken. 

Despite all those and Kim Kardashian, it hasn't broken.

grandmas smoking weed are adorable!  i especially like the one in the middle.  she's cute as can be!

but, really, nothing outrageous happens.  i'm guessing it won't go viral.

that other video you posted, adam, about what it's like to do drugs, is intense!  reminded me of scenes of ewan mcgregor in trainspotting.

Yeah, the second video is lucid and frightening. I wanted to offset the tone of the first one.

The first video is fun and inviting -- and yes, that middle grandmother is adorable!!

91 year old cooking with marijuana:

great video!  nonna marijuana is a firecracker!

i love at the end when they're eating ice-cream and she declares, "okay, this... this could cure cancer."

and grandmas smoking weed video totally went viral, btw: over 17,000,000 views in 3 weeks!

That's astounding.

There's a grandma-marijuana book idea in there somewhere...

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