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The One Pie Dough to Rule Them All

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This has become my default pie dough too. It has no sugar, so you can use it for either sweet or savory. As my mother said about a tart I made with it: "I'm sure you could not get a crust that flaky without tons of GREASE!"... but then she ate a quarter of the tart so I don't think she was complaining. :)

No complaints but that's an awesome amount of butter!

Technically, "hella butter".

Technically, it's 225 g | 8oz cold SALTED butter ...

Btw, did you know "hella" is from Hunters Point, San Francisco?

I did not know that!  I thought it was SoCal because No Doubt.

In this context it sounds like something Doge would say:  Very butter!

Hella has been in use in NorCal since at least the 1970s, as studied by a UCSB professor in 1993:

By 1997 it was in use in hip hop; in 1998 it was used by South Park; in 2001 it was used by No Doubt.

This is how a word or meme spreads. So butter!

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