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Worst Potato Chip Flavor Ever

lays orange juice toothpaste flavor potato chips meme Imgur

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Why would they do that??

lays 9 volt battery flavored potato chips meme la cucaracha flavor imgur

Lays, how did you not see this coming?!

They made the contest but forgot to remember the snark of the Internets.

Lays pepperoni dog fart potato chip flavor contest meme Imgur

That's a nope.

So much nope.

Lays clams jelly beans potato chips flavor meme Imgur

lays are you feeling it now mr krabs potato chips meme flavor Imgur Tumblr

Lays Justin Biebers downward spiral flavor potato chips meme Imgur Tumblr

How about .... Shingles?

That's about the same flavor as Bieber's downward spiral.

Lays wavy sexual tension with your cousin flavor potato chips meme Imgur

:). Because you can *taste* it.

This might be what Doritos Mountain Dew is for.

To forget this flavor.

doritos mountain dew

Adam Rifkin