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Copycats just hate it when you run out of ink. Because copy cats.

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Time to switch the toner. Or buy a new printer.

Ombre kittehs!

Ombre Hair Ciara hot boobs Imgur

Ooh, Lauren Conrad did that too:

Lauren Conrad ombré hair hot Imgur Every girl wants to be that girl that can change that one guy.

I like hers better - more subtle.

Yeah. Honorable mention to Mila Kunis and Jamie Chung.

ombré hair

ombré hair

Mama cat comments are hilarious.  :)

Any in particular?

"What is the PTSD in the mom cats eyes. It is like she is gazing into horror."

"Have you ever played with a kitten? Teeth like little needles. Now imagine that clamping down on your nipples, over and over again. It hurts like hell, you want nothing more than to make them stop, but you can't. You can't because you have instincts more powerful than your own desires, compelling you to accommodate these little hellspawn gnawing on your sensitive bits. So you sit, five or six times a day, as they bite and chew, while a war between pain and instinct rages in your little kitty brain."

"We're not talking about cats anymore are we?"



"It was only a kiss."

LOL. We're not talking about cats anymore, are we?

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