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Old Spice Muscle Music!

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I love Terry Crews!

Watch Terry Crews jam solo, then use the special interactive player to record your own remix. Go ahead, show him what you got!

After two days, this video has racked up 2 million views online:

To create the visual effects of playing fire-spewing saxophones, assorted drums and more, they turned to The Mill in Los Angeles. The ad agency also partnered with video-sharing website Vimeo, which hosts some of the most creative and artful films online.

The 1:16 short is the latest featuring Crews. He controls more than a dozen instruments by flexing forearms, biceps, deltoids, abs and quads. And there's shouting too.

"Muscle! Muscle! Muscle! What?!"

But it gets really fun once the video ends. Viewers can use their keyboard to control Crews' body -- and the instruments. And they can record it and share their sounds.

There were technical challenges, though. More than 150 animated elements were created, and optimizing the speed at which they could work together proved especially difficult. The teams also had to overcome the challenge of creating a single video player that would double as an interactive player and wouldn't force viewers to click elsewhere.

Awesome sauce.

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