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Ex-Zillow employee describes ‘culture of degrading women’

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Come at a woman like that and I will happily slam your THUMB in a car door, buster. VERY disappointing, especially since with its acquisition of Trulia this is now essentially a monopoly.

So basically if we want to not reward them for their awful customer, we have no alternative other than to use no service at all?

That is messed up.

A former Zillow employee says she was forced out for not playing along with sexual harassment at the company and claims to have the text messages to prove it.

Filing a lawsuit against her former employer Monday, California resident Rachel Kremer claims she and other women at the Seattle-based real estate services provider were ranked by breast size, sent photos of men’s genitalia and propositioned relentlessly.

Kremer, an Orange County resident who worked in sales at Zillow, claims her managers did nothing to stop the abuse. Her attorneys described a “culture of degrading women ... pervasive throughout Zillow’s leadership.”

I blame Zillow's leadership. The culture is a reflection of them.

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