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When your gingerbread house fails ... add dinosaur

When your gingerbread house fails...add dinosaur. - Imgur

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LOL! :)

Janill, you might like this Christmas manger:


Not his first attack

Dinosaur attacks Christmas manger meme imgur ey4bY3a

Sweet!  Some people are so much more craftier than me ;)

How about a Yoda Christmas ornament in the manger?

yoda ornament Christmas manger meme Imgur dad last year, here's where mom put it this year. - Imgur

Yoda is wise ;)

No one's going to say anything about the 300-lb SANTA in the manger?

LOL, I guess he just blended in!

Oh right, mangers don't usually have Santas in them.

Santa manger

From Adam's PSA NPR link (thanks, Adam!):

<Icing can easily get too runny or too stiff. And even after it dries, it often isn't strong enough to hold the structure together. On the other hand, Schafer says, a strong glue can sometimes compensate for a faulty, unbalanced structure.

That's why Erica Kahn, an undergraduate at the Brown University School of Engineering who helps put on the school's yearly Extreme Gingerbread Competition, said she steers clear of icing altogether.

Instead, Kahn recommends melting down caramel, gummy candies and marshmallow. Once they're melted, the marshmallows become tacky and gluelike, Kahn tells The Salt. "They become this really strong, cementlike substance.">

TIL there is an annual "Extreme Gingerbread Competition"!!

We must find pictures!

extreme gingerbread gif imgur

extreme gingerbread gif

Some over the top ones:


Chateau de Gingerbread and St. Gingerbread Cathedral?  

<cracking knuckles> It's ON!

gingerbread house nailed it meme imgur

These are excellent!

gingerbread house nailed it gingerbread house nailed it

gingerbread house nailed it

gingerbread house nailed it

gingerbread house nailed it

gingerbread house nailed it

The gingerbread men look like Mr. Bill!

Perhaps that was on purpose, given their house is on fire.

:) A very arson Christmas.

You know I would watch that!

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