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Rebecca Romijn on the Fun Approach of The Librarians

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Rebecca Romijn fighting ninjas with Santa Claus?!?! I'm in!

I wonder where they got the idea of fighting ninjas with Santa.

IGN: There’s a scene in the first episode that where you and Christian’s characters are involved in a bar fight that escalates to ninjas jumping in. Watching it, I was thinking how fun it must be to shoot something like that. Is stuff like that happening all the time?

Romijn: All the time. I mean, I’ve got several favorite episodes. We’ve got a fairy tale episode that was shot early on actually. I don’t know if it’ll air in order but we shot the fairy tale episode right off the bat, after shooting our two-part pilot. I have two favorite episodes. The fairy tale episode is one of them and it’s where fairy tales are coming to life and killing people and Eve Baird thinks that is absurd. My other favorite episode is our Christmas episode actually, which is sort of a Midnight Run episode where Eve Baird has to transport Santa Claus back to the North Pole. I think it was a spoiler, but I think the cat's been let out of the bag that we have Bruce Campbell playing Santa Claus. It’s also the episode that explains Eve Baird’s backstory. So it’s personally my favorite episode but getting to work with Bruce Campbell was just beyond.

IGN: Okay, I have to ask a little more about that! What’s it like working with Bruce Campbell?

Romijn: He’s unbelievable.

IGN: Suffice to say him as Santa Claus is an interesting combination. I’m guessing he’s not as jolly as we might think?

Romijn: As we come to learn, internationally there are several different incarnations of Santa Claus and he keeps changing incarnations based on the different lore of the winter solstice and Santa Claus, the character of Santa Claus around the world. He keeps changing incarnations so we never know which Santa Claus we’re going to get. It’s funny because when I read the script, I pictured something completely different than what Bruce Campbell did and what Bruce Campbell did was genius.

IGN: Your character has accepted that magic, at its basic level, is real, but when she sees something like Santa Claus does she take it in stride?

Romijn: No. In fact, the Santa Claus episode is the one where she refuses to admit that Santa Claus is real. She will not admit it. Even though she has to spend all this time, in a car with him, pissed off, she refuses to call him Santa or acknowledge that he is Santa. She refuses to acknowledge it.

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