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The 15 Best Subreddits of 2014

The 15 best subreddits of 2014

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15. r/FanTheories

wonka uses children to make candy meme Imgur

While this subreddit isn't new for 2014, it's certainly rose to greater prominence amid shows like True Detective. It remains an interesting and often times hilarious way to view movies with a fresh critical eye.

9. r/CatCircles

cats in circles catcircles Imgur Reddit Enhxbn3Here's one of those beautiful, weird things that happen on Reddit occasionally. A few redditor's discovered that their cats were drawn to circles on the ground. Welaunched an investigation. The rest is history.

2. r/Changemyview

ThinkerA community of people open to discussing new views and ideas, CMV is home to some of the most fascinating comments on Reddit. From users depressed about the entropic heat death of the universe, to petty complaints about the subreddit itself, it's a must-subscribe for readers.

3. r/GIFextra

When you look at as many GIFs as we do, you start to discover some distinctions. The GIFextra subreddit is for the category of GIFs that have been altered to change the meaning, or add new context to an otherwise popular file. From Olaf walking behind a dead and frozen Jack Torrance to a bus driving onto a soccer field and exploding, the added details make the GIFs a bit more exciting to watch.


silly dog biting tennis ball gif imgur French bulldog

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