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Humanity Could've Built 4 Great Pyramids In The Time Spent Watching Gangnam Style

chat time watching gangnam style on youtube vs what could be built Imgur


It took 50m man-hours to complete the “supercarrier” USS Gerald Ford last year. Had people not been watching PSY—the South Korean pop star who released the song in July 2012—they could have constructed three such ships. Alternatively they could have built more than four Great Pyramids of Giza, or another Wikipedia, or six Burj Khalifas in Dubai (the world’s tallest building). The song’s nearest rival is Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, at a paltry one billion views. The opportunity cost of watching PSY’s frivolity is huge, but humanity has at least been entertained.

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I weep for how much time humanity has collectively wasted. Thanks, YouTube.

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