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For the Torture Apologist

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This chart is way too colorful given the grim subject matter, dontchathink ?

I don't understand the pattern of the colors.... got it:

You'll notice some repeats and overlaps, and I've tried to use a rough color scheme, but feel free to improve on this sucker if you find it at all useful. Red roughly corresponds to authoritarian arguments, fear-mongering, bullying and bigotry. Somewhat contradictory to those are the claims of responsibility and utility in blue. Green is for legal matters, and purple is mostly for arguments about politics and fallout (often a mix of authoritarian and utilitarian pitches). Black is for particularly noxious, immoral arguments (all of which have actually been made, unfortunately). 


We can agree this chart blows.

Nathaniel, thanks. 

Geege, it's pretty but mildly infuriating.

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