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Q-Flex Shark Tank Back Massager

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Q-Flex, a hand-held acupressure device, entered the Shark Tank on December 12.

Heavy interviewed 13-year-old creator, Andrea Cao, who manages to maintain a 4.0 high school GPA while running the company with her mother.

Cao started the company after giving her mother, who is a nurse, massages after she came home sore after working 12-hour shifts.

“I did this for a couple months everyday, but it started interfering with my school and chore work. I searched for something that was inexpensive and effective but I found nothing. I asked my mom if we could make something and she said ‘yes,'” Cao explained of the company’s beginnings.

When asked what it is like to run a business with her mother, Cao answered, ” I love working with my mom. It definitely brings us closer. It can get hard, especially because we both have the same share of equity and sometimes we have different views, but in the end we always come to an agreement.”

The shape of the product enables a customer to use it without another’s assistance.

The company’s website explains their unique designs and how it aids in relief:

Q-Flex’s flexible design ensures user to control and regulate the amount of tension applied to muscles or trigger points, also penetrating tip will automatically align perpendicularly to the problem area when handle is pulled forward, which will precisely apply pressure the points. The unique pear-shape tip design is narrow enough to give precise acupressure, and it also has a wide enough top tip which functions as a stopping element to ensure safety and comfort of users.

It can be used to relieve shoulder tension, neck aches and back pain. It also decreases stress, releases good endorphins and increases circulation.

Cao explained its functionality, saying, “By applying and releasing pressure on an acupressure point or sore muscle, you are allowing blood and oxygen flow to the area.”

At 20”x10.5” high and weighing 13 ounces, it is portable.

“Our end goal is to eliminate pain and stress from this world. We cant say where we will go, but we do know that we can make a difference,” Cao said of her future plans.

Barbara Cochran and Mark Cuban invested $20k for 25% and offered to run the company. 

Buy it here for yourself or as a gift, only $25 with Shark Tank discount:

One of seven Shark Tank products recommended by Business Insider:

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