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Giant tortoise rescues overturned comrade

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these are sulcata tortoises, and they are a lot smarter than you might think. the one on its back was a male, which you can tell by the way it is dished out on the bottom. i have two of these tortoises, and they will come when you call them because they want to get treats from you. they also do a good job of testing doors to ensure they are latched by pushing against them. one of my tortoises likes to try to break into my house by pushing against the door. if she gets in, she will 1) check and see if there is any dry cat food in the dish to eat; and/or 2) check and see if there is an exterior door open on the other side of our house so she can get out and roam the neighborhood. i wish i had a ton of free time, because they are motivated by food and i am certain i could teach them tricks.

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