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Baby Flying Fish

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Baby flounder:

baby flounder in hand cute photo Imgur

My cousin!

I see the resemblance!

Baby marlin:

Baby Blue Marlin cute photo Imgur

Not gonna lie... I'm not super comfortable with fish that have wings.

I concur. Fishies should just sit at the bottom of the ocean as nature intended.

Or on my plate as gastronomy intended.  They're not called "fry" for nothing.

FLYING fish not FRYING fish!

Juvie fish are called fry!!

Wow, so I should call them that instead of baby fish?

Oooh, I have always wanted to eat a flying fish! It is allegedly one of the most delicious species that we cannot get on the West Coast.

Fried flying fish is one of the most popular foods in Barbados:

I would LOVE to attend a flying fish fry fry.

That's almost as hard to say as pheasant plucker.

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