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BBC News - Gravity waves spotted from white-dwarf pair

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Researchers have spotted visible-light evidence for one of astronomy's most elusive targets - gravity waves - in the orbit of a pair of dead stars.

Until now, these ripples in space-time, first predicted by Einstein, have only been inferred from radio-wave sources.

But a change in the orbits of two white dwarf stars orbiting one another 3,000 light-years away is further proof of the waves that can literally be seen.

Ripples in space-time are such a cool idea.

now to go surf those waves...#drwho?

tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator anyone?

It may be time to make a Dr. Who stash.

It may be time.

No later than Saturday tho... New Who starts on BBC1 at 11:20am pacific... likely available for torrenting by 12:30-12:45p.. :-)