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The Most Hated Woman on the Internet - In These Times

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"I disliked Amanda Palmer because she was careless with her power and that carelessness resulted in someone getting harassed and told to “fucking die.” But I was part of building the media consensus against Amanda Palmer, which made hating her both common and acceptable. And at the end of that process, Amanda Palmer got abuse and death threats. Careless use of power cuts both ways, as it turns out.

It’s hard to see how this was a victory for feminism. Or for music. Or for media: The fact of the matter is, a woman in her mid-thirties wrote, performed and released an album that was musically relevant and probably her best work to date; we responded by talking about her body, her personality and who she was sleeping with. We called her too loud, too self-assured, too ambitious. We wondered why she couldn’t simply live off her rich husband’s income, as if that isn’t a question that feminism has been in the process of answering for the past five decades. We affirmed that the artist’s persona mattered more than the quality of their work, and we affirmed that female ambition or self-confidence was a crime: That if you were a loud or aging or difficult woman, and you wouldn’t let us ignore you, we would turn our attention on you full-force, in order to burn your life down to its foundation."

The article says that if she didn't marry Gaiman, no one would have paid attention to her except fans.

In 2011, she married the author Neil Gaiman, who is just plain famous. The relationship catapulted Palmer into the spotlight.

1) Who is this bitch?

2) Why should I hate her?

3) Can she possibly be more intolerable than Lena Dunham?

She's a musician who likes to piss people off:

What do you find intolerable about Lena Dunham?

Anyone who would narcissistically write a memoir in their 20s, make up or embellish stories for shock value, then fall back to their political doctrine in a cynical attempt to defend themselves is not someone who should be anywhere near the public eye, and I was much happier not having any clue who she was... 

That reminds me of what I don't like about Shia Labeouf, too.

Just ignore and move on. 

do you like or dislike Palmer?

Personally? She neither inspires nor disgusts me.

frankly she's a ridiculously self-important bore

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