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Scientists have finally found the neurological difference between fantasy and reality.

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Scientists have finally found the neurological difference between fantasy and reality:

It turns out that information flows through our brains in opposite directions when we’re imagining something compared to really doing it.

1000 Reddit comments:

I will imagine I read the whole 1000 comments. 

It still contains the biased delusion that the discrete processing of sense organs is "reality" and processing other aspects of consciousness are fantasty. 

For thousands of years Tibetan (buddhist) theory does not make that distinction but westerners cannot make that leap that their "sense experience) is real.  

This is a big deal!

When so called "fantasy" is integrated with so called reality, I.e feeling experiencing beyond gross sensory input,  only then can you be truly empathetic. 

I have to have the ability to experience your pain, not just imagine it. 

You're right that it's a big deal -- not just for understanding ourselves but for healing ourselves. 

what happens when we start really doing what we were imagining?

Then both of those parts of the brain get fired up!

What is important is to get to where you are not doing. 

When you not do, you begin to imagine. Karmic mind fills the vacuum left by the decrease in sense experience.  It starts to think, imagine fantasize. 

When it stops filling the space you experience space and there you find natural (wisdom-compassion) mind. 

Thinking compassion is not compassion it is the fantasy of being compassionate.  Feeling a physical effect of tought, like love or sadness about the death of a loved one is sensation and thought not wisdom or compassion. 

If we stay with senses are real , we have to come to the collective opinion the "sky is blue" when we know that the sky is not blue.  When it is blue it is just a temporary experience of light refracting, and to majority registers as blue.  

I have not seen blue skies for over a month. But my karmic mind desires a blue sky, that is by definition a fleeting temporal experience. So in the absence I fantasize about what I am not receiving 

Which pardon my English fucks the whole thing up and yet "science" will not renounce the most basic delusion of sense objects. 

There's a tension between being and becoming.

To become more compassionate we must not just think compassionately: we must practice compassion.

People define compassion the same way they think the sky is blue. 

do they?  i like to think most people get deep enough every now and then to really consider these things, like compassion, and what it truly means.  we are, after all, spiritual beings.  don't we all know that at some level?

How many people have the wisdom to know when STFU is compassion?

Like a hurricane is good. 

What is the difference between wrathful and angry?

Is a utopia without wrath?

It comes back to we do not have wisdom so it defaults to what is "agreed" upon real. 

I was shopping.  Is it compassionate to by $100 yoga shirt that could feed a child for 6 months?  Oh, it says prana so I guess it is ok

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