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Watch a man catch a gigantic trout through a tiny icehole : Monster Lake Trout on Clear Ice Fishing for the win!

Monster Lake Trout on Clear Ice:


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This video really captures the wacky exhilaration of ice fishing! When he pulls the fish through the hole, it's seriously like a magic trick.

It IS like a magic trick! How did he do that??

By the way, I'm glad he let the fish go. Great fish like that needs to live!

i couldn't believe he let it go!  it made me so happy!!  i agree: a great fish like that needs to live!

and they were so nice to one another.  no profanity at all... just excitement!

i love this video!

I live this video too and now I have a new profanity-free insult: calling someone a tiny icehole! :)

hahaha!!!  <3

If he's really bad call him a Fishing Icehole! :)

with an emphasis on the f!

Fish yeah!!

can't.  stop.  watching.

Me too! This is Superior! As in Lake Superior!!

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Geege will appreciate some of these.

On that Reddit page is the Minnesota Karma Train!

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