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10 Things Exceptionally Productive Entrepreneurs Do Every Day

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I convened these tips from some top young entrepreneurs in my network via our Empact Showcase. Almost each one is backed up with relevant academic studies. I've personally adopted 6 of the 10 strategies.What do you do to become the most productive?

Of all 10, not checking email is the one that resonates most with me.

The others are good too but that one really stood out.

Cool! I'm working on batching overall as a concept and really making that part of my day. I see transitioning between times of intense work, creative work, social media / email type work, rest, and social. Do you batch your days?


It helps to not always be checking email. That alone helps a lot.

By the way I was wondering about the photo of Mark Twain till I got to the end...

Mark Twain once said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” He may not be a young entrepreneur, but his advice still stands over a century later: if there’s something you’ve been dreading doing, don’t let it drag on -- just do it and move forward. Research by Roy Baumeister shows that our willpower starts off high and then depletes throughout the day. Other research shows that starting a goal but not completing it (a.k.a., procrastinating) makes us less effective at the next tasks we perform.

I'm not loving the phrase "eat a live frog" but I do like the attitude the metaphor embodies. 

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