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How does a homeless man spend $100?

Josh Paler Lin gives a random homeless person $100:

Found here:

Imgur comments:

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Many people are one piece of bad luck away from being homeless. 

This homeless man's story really got to me.

1000 Reddit comments:

wow.  tears!!

A lot of comments address whether the video is real.

All I can tell you is my emotions reacting to this are real.

it's totally real!  people just don't like believing that homeless people might actually be even nicer than they are.

a homeless guy once tried to give me his winning lottery ticket with a smile.  i took it, looked at it, read the scratcher instructions, looked at it again, and said, "this is worth $5000!"

"i know," he said, "that's why i'm giving it to you!"

i didn't take it, of course, but i was amazed this stranger, with whom i had shared ten minutes of conversation, was so grateful for the company that he was willing to gift me all his lottery winnings.

That is amazing. It's heartfelt that people so down on their luck would be so kind and giving. 

Here is the indiegogo campaign started for that homeless guy. It's legit it seems:

Looks like they raised $46,000 for him in just one day. Wow.

that is so cool!  it's over $73,000 right now and it's only been up 2 days.

awesome.  this is the power of the internet and compassion working together!

Yes although we cannot help every homeless person this way.

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