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Why Do Canadians Eat So Much Kraft Mac 'N Cheese?

Why Do Canadians Eat So Much Kraft Mac N Cheese Food Republic

"Fee fi fo fum, I smell Kraft Dinner." -Scott, the giant dick


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"Last night I fell asleep to a South Park involving baiting a giant Canadian with a bowl of Kraft dinner, their affectionate term for that wonderful blue box of assorted stuff. Spongebobs, milk protein concentrate, salt. All kinds of stuff. Cheese.

Anyway, Kraft macaroni and cheese is somewhat of a Canadian national dish, definitely more iconic childhood to young adulthood sustenance than here. It just is. We just make the stuff into Spongebobs. They eat it by the boatload. Seriously, according to Wikipedia, they eat over 50% more of it than Americans, and while we're on the fact-spouting train, of the 7 million boxes sold all over the world each week, Canadians consume 1.7 million of them. A former prime minister also named it as his favorite food, so move over Nixon with your cottage cheese and ketchup." 

It's odd to think of Kraft Mac and Cheese as food.

First of all, there is no cheese in it.

Second, does it actually have any nutritional value?

The good: only 9% fat.

The bad: 73% carbs. 

There's some protein in there, too.  :)

Isn't the site amazing?

It is!

And now I understand the line "we wouldn't have to eat Kraft dinner":$1000000#Kraft_Dinner

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