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The Prison Forger's Christmas Miracle

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You think Orange is the New Black is real? Here's some extra realness from a guy who spent 11 years in the pen for armed robberies... and while he was there, witnessed a Christmas moment of pure human goodness.


He was risking his reputation by showing me, but could not help himself: He wanted someone to bear witness to his art. Sixty signatures now graced the card, some with little messages in consistent lettering. All were perfect imitations; seeing my own name, I would have admitted to writing it. Swearing me to secrecy, he snuck down the tier and put the card on the cop's chair when he took a break in the officers' bathroom. Watching from my cell, I saw the man return and discover it. Reading over the list of fellas who wished him a Merry Christmas, he barely made it through before retreating to the toilet, where I strongly suspect he blissfully wept: Returning with bloodshot and weepy eyes, he kept a doofy grin on for the rest of the night. His children might not care enough to put a card in the mail, but if the men he kept locked in their cages did, how bad a guy could he be?

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