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IASIP Cricket you guys gotta make it sexy hips and nips gif

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Love it, original source:

Sneak peak at tomorrows Sunny gif:

Brilliant! The D.E.N.N.I.S. system needed a high quality gifs dubbing:

I like unforgiven91's comment:

The Dennis system of gif-maker fame

Demonstrate Value - Create funny and HQ gifs

Engage Socially - participate in comment threads across reddit

Nurture Dependence - Be the flashiest gif-maker out there. They need you now.

Neglect Emotionally - Take a long break from gif-making. Make them long for more.

Inspire Hope - Offer a trickle of gifs once in a while

Separate Entirely - Quit making gifs. Everyone will ask "Where did XYZ go?". That's when you repeat the process

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