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Norse – Is the FBI Wrong about North Korea Hacking Sony?

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WHO IS LENA?!?!(kinda funny b/c that's my mom's name)

"most likely orchestrated by a former employee…" ?!


They know too much "inside baseball" about all the executives. 

There's gotta be more to this story. 

the breach was that epic... the kind of epic that requires inside knowledge of the network architecture.

Extra interesting if if you were watching our map yesterday, that there was very little traffic from towns & villages in Manchuria ;-)

But who had interest in making the attacks? 

Was this just practice by someone planning bigger cyber attacks in the future?

according to the video ;-) there's a woman, previously an employee of Sony, who is referred to in chatter as "Lena"

No, I mean, she had to be working on behalf of someone right?

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