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Finally, Some Unflattering Research About Introverts

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Sure you introverts may be deep thinkers and hard workers, but you're also HATERS. Specifically of extraverts. And my experience many of you are mumblers.

You can understand how introverts would feel anxiety around extroverts, right?

There are plenty of non mumbling introverts btw. 

There's actually no evidence that introverts are more ANXIOUS than extroverts that I know of, and certainly none that extroverts CAUSE that kind of anxiety in a social setting. Even for you to say that suggests to me that you're looking for an excuse for your own feelings! This article is about systematic bias by introverts against extroverts in a work environment... which extroverts DO NOT return to introverts, despite their very different communication styles. I actually sort of think introverts feel so fucking put upon by the LOUDNESS of the world that they feel justified in shitting on people who aren't like them.

Your ALLCAPS comments are very loud..where's the downvote?  ;-) (jk!)

LOL. Unfortunately HalibutBoy nailed it.

Introverts do feel put upon by the loudness of the world, and take it out on the loud people. 

haha!  joyce, you're hilarious.  nobody likes a mumbler!

Apparently mumbling is a real problem for some introverts:

mumbling may be insecurity, like shyness, or it may be that you are not interested in the conversation, or it may be a way to test whether or not someone is interested in what you have to say (in which case, you will have to repeat yourself!).  no matter why it is done, mumbling is not cool.  it costs energy for all involved!

Yes, agreed. I find that texting and emails work so much better for understanding mumblers!

because if they are mumbling, it's up to siri to figure it out!

funny Siri mumble

funny Siri mumble

hahaha!  those both made me giggle.

Me too! 😊

Mumbling is also useful when writing Pitbull songs.

mumble meme

That is a CUBAN ACCENT, uncultured Panda!

Uno dos tres cuatro!

Those are some subtle lyrics. No wonder he mumbles. 

we have a dancing gorilla toy that sings this song.  i thought it was made for the toy.  :)

It might have been made for the toy but the YouTube video has been seen 225 million times!

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