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Electric Jim Harbaugh shows why 49ers will regret this

Kawakami Electric Jim Harbaugh shows why 49ers will regret this


Later, when Harbaugh was talking to a few of us in the locker room, he said he was proud that he never resorted to the "off-the-record battle." 

That began early this season with a series of leaks about his wobbly employment status and continued throughout the season.

And he said he'd like me to investigate that and write a column revealing the names of the leakers; but I told him we both already probably knew.

I'll say it here: I believe York and Baalke were the primary sources for the off-the-record disclosures that undercut Harbaugh's tenure.

Whether it was York and Baalke directly or indirectly, the 49ers front office set Harbaugh up on a tee this season, and Sunday was the anticlimax.

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I'm going to miss Jim Harbaugh. I found him inspiring.

It's a real shame if the owner and general manager really were undercutting him.

Harbaugh has the fourth best winning percentage in the history of the NFL.

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