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How to Melt Soda Cans with the Mini Metal Foundry

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if you really want to do this, please PLEASE PPLLEEAASSEE invest in a few items first.

  • Welder's Apron.

  • Welder's Gloves-Long.

  • Welder's Face shield-Light tint to medium tint. Molten metal get VERY bright.

  • Welder's footwear-loose fit, snug enough to hold, loose enough to take off in the rare OMGWTF emergencies.

  • Jeans

After you get some lots of experience you can drop the face shield for welding glasses, same for the shoes, you can opt to wear whatever you want, just make sure to cover the laces with something to keep splatter from making a real nasty, and a real fast hole in your foot.

A few things to avoid as shown in the video.

  • 02:05 This is a good way to brand yourself. avoid this.

  • 02:15 Always cut the can to vent while it heats up to melt, otherwise you will have an air cannon sitting on top of liquid metal that acts very much like water in that if an air cannon can goes POP, liquid metals likes to go SPLASH.

  • 03:05 Always have a secure latch with the tongs on the crucible that is carrying liquid metal. THE TONGS SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO ARE NOT SECURE. The safety issues alone in using that type is so bad, it is akin to telling somebody they can check to see if a gun is loaded by looking down the barrel.

  • 03:14 Remove the slag before you pour, gives a cleaner pour, and massively reduces the chance of slag slopping into pour causing splash.

  • 04:45 No, no no no. Unless you know what you are doing, by that I mean you RTFM on doing this many times over. You want exploding sand? You get exploding sand with the healthy dose of molten metal if you fuck up. Same with concrete if you didn't RTFM.

For the all the holy fucks sake, if you never melted metal before, PLEASE take a visit to your local blacksmith, silversmith, or hell even your local University. Learn how to do it SAFELY first, BEFORE you take off the training wheels to learn neat tricks. Also, learn to resist the urge to try to catch something as it falls while you work with molten metal. Had a class mate burn off her finger tips trying to catch a glob of molten bronze. By god, learn to resist that urge. Nobody needs to see it happen, smell it happen, or hear the aftermath. Nobody.


One more thing, if i can add to this thread. The non-stick coating that burned off is likely pretty toxic. Buy something without it if you're going to skip the previous precautions...


Correct list of personal safety equipment if you are interested in casting metals:

  • Face shield
  • Safety Glasses
  • Long sleeve cotton flame retardant shirt
  • Cotton Jeans
  • Leather boots with metatarsal covers (DO NOT WEAR LOOSE FITTING SHOES OR SNEAKERS)
  • Leather gloves

  • You do not want any loose fitting clothing.

  • You do want loose fitting gloves so you can throw them off if something splashes back into them.

  • You wear nothing polyester or nylon.

I just wanted to point out the proper safety guidelines.

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So easy a child can do it:

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