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Bears Waving gif

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bears waving gif imgur tumblr

bears waving gif imgur tumblr

i love waving bears!

Haha! I've watched this ten times, Emily. It never gets old!

me too!  of course, it helps that it's only 7 seconds long.  ;)

but bears waving?!  it doesn't get much cuter than that!

I just realized the bears above aren't friendly; they want salmon!

i like to think of them as friendly salmon-seeking bears!

Ha! You're so positive. Is salmon like candy for bears?

Here's two minutes of bears waving compilation...

salmon must be bears's favorite food!

and berries, of course.  like geege.  ;)

mmmm .... berries.....

drooling Homer Simpson meme Imgur

Homer doesn't drool over berries unless they are attached to donuts!

Homer Simpson bear

Today Halibutboy discovered waving bears with awesome catches:

Polite Canadian bear:

Polite Canadian bear meme Imgur

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