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Ingenious Simple Peanut Butter Mousetrap from Reddit

Ingenious Peanut Butter Mousetrap from Reddit Imgur simple it's a trap meme

Stupidly simple. A tall bucket (They jump high!), a teetering paper towel tube, and some peanut butter.

Ingenious Peanut Butter Mousetrap from Reddit Imgur

This was the first little guy. He's kinda cute.

Ingenious Peanut Butter Mouse Trap from Reddit Imgur

Mouse number 2 using this method. OP has since caught a third one.

Source is Reddit link below.

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Top Reddit comment:

Years ago I lived in an apartment that had a mouse. I felt kinda bad killing them, so I put out a similar no-kill solution.

Caught the mouse, took him a couple blocks away and released him.

He came back.

I caught him again took him a solid 1/4 mile away and released him.

He came back.

Finally I got pissed and just bought a standard rat trap, killed the mouse, and tossed him in the garbage.

He came back.

And that's when the magnitude of the rodent problem finally dawned on me.

3000 Reddit comments:

Reddit:  This is the worst fucking thread ever!


Well yeah. Can you imagine 3000 comments about this?

About cockroaches and vermin!

Yeah, ain't nobody got time for that!

* This was part of my job description in Anaheim when I was an ER Tech. If you're careful and don't over soak it, it should come out in one piece.

But sometimes they lay their eggs in there. The egg sack you have to shoot off the inside of the ear where it's attached with water blasts like some demented carnival prize game.

One of the best parts of the job actually.

** Its not fun when you are the carnival tho 

Oof. Not good!

P.S. He ded.

I had a mouse in my apt once...  crushed it's head with a hand-sledge hammer... lucky hit too b/c those things are FAST.

Cue Arya...

he ded

It's hard to get a mouse that way. Peanut butter is much cleverer.

clever, yes... cathartic.... not so much.. lol

Once you've caught the mouse you have many options. 😊

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