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Dog attacks polar bear gif

dog attacks polar bear gif Imgur Tumblr

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Wonder if the dog would have behaved different if he wasn't tethered?

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Reddit never disappoints!

*Nah I've seen the video. The dog and bear sit down and play a round of cards and afterwards share a hug as they watch the sun go down.

*Pretty sure they share a bottle of Coca-Cola.

*Then he gets type 14 dogabetes.

*Type 14. That is brilliant.


*Like type 2 diabetes except in dog years.

Ha! I didn't get it till he explained like I'm 5, too. 

I question whether it's a full grown bear.  Polar bears are fucking HUGE and that one is only maybe twice the size as the dog.  Also, it seemed like it didn't really know what to do in the situation. I can't imagine an experienced, full grown polar bear doing anything other than killing that dog with one swipe.

Definitely not full grown if you compare their sizes. The polar bear is playing. 

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