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How to cook the perfect tartiflette

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This is a dish you only crave if you are skiing or otherwise frolicking in the snow.

Potatoes and bacon cooked with a whole cheese must be very filling!

Cooking it right now, hopefully pictures to follow soon, and a review ;)

OMG, this is sooo good, the flavors work very well together, even using less cheese than called for.  I used 0.615lb of Brie.  The onions, bacon, white wine, and cream are the big standouts, the cheese is the icing on the cake.

What you say makes sense. It sounds great!!

Onions, bacon, white wine, and cream

perfect tartiflette recipe onions bacon white wind cream Imgur Pinterest

Boiled gold potatoes cubed, and fried up in butter.

perfect tartiflette potatoes cubed fried in butter recipe Imgur Pinterest

Assembled in layers with Brie in place of Reblochon.

perfect tartiflette recipe Brie Imgur Pinterest

After baking.

perfect tartiflette after baking recipe Imgur Pinterest

Served with Roast Beef and Asparagus. 

perfect tartiflette with roast beef and asparagus Imgur Pinterest

Overall I give it a 8 (0-10), it's very good, but not particularly healthy.

YOLO! :) It's definitely not something you can eat every day, but in the right circumstances -- cold, snowy, lots of exercise -- I can definitely think of nothing better!

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