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Parrot bird salad tongs ride gif

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One of the most interesting creative Reddit threads I've seen.  Also this tongs bird ride seems "Oddly Satisfying" to me ;)

I agree, Janill!  

Until I saw that Imgurians are of one accord:  the bird is NOT enjoying the ride!

What's interesting is that most of the Imgur comments are "you're scaring that bird" and most of the Reddit comments are "that bird is really enjoying this".

I wonder which is actually true.

I thought the bird looked calm, and one of the Reddit comments said he enjoyed it, because his feet weren't struggling.

I will say the cat below looks quite irritated with his tonging!

I believe the bird is calm, for the reason you mentioned.

All of the cats in cat tongs look annoyed:

This is becoming a thing. 

cat tongs meme Imgur

This is a thing.

cat tongs meme Imgur when all you have are tongs everything is salad


"Cat tonging" is actually a thing. Started in a cat thread on Something Awful a few years ago, I believe (posting pictures of it online in mass quantity - cats were likely tonged before...).

Maybe the owner of this bird saw that and just wanted to try tongs on his pet, too.

Cat tonging a turtle Tortoise meme Imgur

OMG I just looked at that link:

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