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French Bulldog takes toilet paper to doggie bed.

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Dare I ask why there's a doggie bed next to the toilet?

She probably dragged it there herself.  I never know where I'll find my dogs' beds.  :)

(Wook at dat widdle bewwy!)

Aww, what an adorable thought!

French bulldog bed gif

my dog would move his around too.  and hide things in it that he wanted, like my shoes.

Haha, it was like his treasure chest!

it was.  my little manimal...

It makes me smile to think of him thinking about what to collect.

Reddit discussion ALL about the inconvenient placement of the toilet paper holder.  

Now that you mention it, awkward!

haha!  totally.  and there's a whole blank wall that would work fine.

Yeah whoever designed that bathroom really made some poor choices. 

that made me laugh out loud!  :)

Ha! "Make Good Choices" is my new mantra. 

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