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The Best Laundry Detergent | The Sweethome

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I've never thought more than two seconds about laundry detergent.

In our tests, it was simply the best at getting out nine different stains in both cold and warm water. Its price, roughly 36 cents per load, is in the middle among the detergents we tested, but if clean is queen for you, that’s not too much to pay.

Bro, do you even wash?

It's cheaper than new threadless shirts.

On the other hand new threadless shirts let you donate your old shirts to the needy.

Yup, good call!  I just moved a couple times and having worked there, had a ton that I donated during the moves.  I'll keep doing laundry for a few months while I rebuild those savings (or else how can I ever afford the bay area? ;) ), and I'm sure I'll be donating a ton more.

If you can't afford the Bay Area off salary, savings won't help. They'll just get depleted.

But otherwise, good plan.

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