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Secret Histories Map of San Francisco

secret history map of San Francisco meme imgur

I found this page with extensive old knowledge of San Francisco after looking up the "Wave Organ"   and discovering "The stone pieces used in its construction were salvaged from the demolition of the Laurel Hill Cemetery in San Francisco." Which then led me to:

Lone Mountain is a hill in west-central San Francisco, California and the site of the private University of San Francisco (USF) – Lone Mountain Campus, which in turn was previously the San Francisco Lone Mountain College for Women. It was once the location of Lone Mountain Cemetery, a complex encompassing the Laurel Hill, Calvary, Masonic, and Odd Fellows Cemeteries.[3]

In the early 20th century, San Francisco voted most of its cemeteries out of existence, ostensibly[clarification needed] for public health reasons; after decades of further dispute the transfer of Lone Mountain's forty-seven thousand inhabitants began, primarily to Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in the city of Colma, immediately south of San Francisco. In what writer Harold Gilliam has described as "an act of civic vandalism," thousands of crypts and mausoleums were unearthed, the granite and marble dumped along the Pacific shoreline to reinforce seawalls.[4]

Then that led me to the page of this post.

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I was wondering why there are no cemeteries in San Francisco.

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