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Super Bowl spoiler alert: Patriots beat Seahawks 28-24, says Madden NFL 15

Super Bowl spoiler alert Patriots beat Seahawks 28 24 says Madden NFL 15 Polygon


Madden NFL's annual simulation has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner in 8 of 11 tries, but it missed horribly last year. EA Sports looks to rebound with its prediction of a comeback victory for the New England Patriots over the Seahawks in Super Bowl 49.

The final score will be 28-24, says Madden NFL 15, which predicts a Seahawk lead of 24-14 before quarterback Tom Brady rallies New England. The whole thing culminates in a hail-mary pass from Brady to receiver Julian Edelman as time expires.

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So you're saying there's an 8 in 11 chance...

Holy smokes Madden got the outcome exactly correct.

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