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The truth about Dan Bilzerian

truth about Dan Bilzerian GQ hot Imgur


Thus the internet - and the world - was introduced to the strange and unsettling phenomenon of Dan "Blitz" Bilzerian, the 34-year-old son of an exiled Eighties corporate raider, and a kind of Bruce Wayne-meets-Hugh Hefner for the social-media age.

Before the beard-stroking video went viral, few had heard of Bilzerian outside thesweaty male sub-culture of high-stakes poker or the core group of fans who kept track of him online.

One year later, however, and Bilzerian - a 5ft, 9 and a half inches tall, barrel-chested former US Navy Seal trainee and self-described "venture capitalist" who splits his time between Los Angeles and Vegas - is one of the biggest stars on the internet, and a man through whom millions now vicariously live out their fantasies in real time.

Crowned the King of Instagram by his followers (he has over 6 million of them, and adds another 20,000 or so a day) his feed documents a lifestyle so outrageous and seemingly free of moral, financial or legal constraints, it's as though he inhabits a Jason Statham movie, or a Hunter S Thompson novel - only with faster cars, less inhibited females, and more advanced weaponry.


That's when his dad broke the news: he was going to prison. In a case beyond a primary schooler's understanding, Bilzerian Sr had been found guilty on nine counts of stock and tax fraud, mostly related to a classic pump-and-dump operation that involved "parking" investments in public companies, staging hostile takeover bids, then offloading the investments as the share prices rocketed. The judge in the case said that the "lure of money" had caused Bilzerian Sr "to lose... proper perspective".

With his dad behind bars, Bilzerian faced ridicule from his classmates, and he began to show his own contempt for authority, getting expelled from two schools in one year, and ending up in a military academy under the care of drill instructors. After that, the family moved more than 2,000 miles northwest to Utah, where Bilzerian Sr, out on parole, bought a new company.

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I always thought he was an actor who staged his Instagram and Facebook photos.

The real story is far more interesting.

Indeed, when Bilzerian isn't naked in his photos - he has skinny, hairy legs, a bone-deep tan, and a laser-treated chest that resembles a ribbed condom filled with rocks - he is typically dressed in a pseudo-military get-up of dark T-shirt, boots and cargo pants. His captions, meanwhile, are pithy enough to command a million-strong Twitter fanbase of their own. "Parking has proven to be less of an issue than previously anticipated," he wrote recently, linking to an image of his six-wheeled, $625,000 Brabus G63 AMG, its rear tyres mounted on the stairway of what appeared to be someone's LA home.

In another tweet, he mused: "My greatest fear is that someone will break in and I won't be able to decide what gun to shoot them with." Attached was an image of his dining room table, covered with several assault rifles, pistols and magazines.

But as new facts about Bilzerian emerge, a more confusing picture of this bearded internet outlaw is beginning to form.

Wall Street Journal investigation has revealed that his father, Paul Bilzerian - who now resides on St Kitts in the West Indies - is a convicted fraudster who has paid only $3.7m (£2.3m) of a two-decade old $62m (£39m) judgement against him. Naturally, questions have been raised over how much, if any, of Bilzerian's money comes from his father. (Bilzerian declined through his representatives to talk to GQ.) Meanwhile, a porn star has said that she may sue Bilzerian for breaking her foot when he threw her off the roof of his house into his pool - a stunt organised by Hustler magazine that almost killed them both. (The actress, naked at the time, panicked at the last second and grabbed on to the Instagram star's T-shirt. Her lawyer's threat drew a response from Bilzerian that read, "Like your client, the facts of the claim won't, quite, fly.")

Here's more about him in case the GQ and WSJ articles aren't enough:

what do you want to be when you grow up meme Dan Bilzerian hot teacher Imgur

No one knows if his money came from playing high stakes poker or from his father's wealth.

Beard stroking moment at 1:43:39 ...

Btw, Dan Bilzerian goes by the nickname Blitz:

And then there's this guy:

Dan Bilzerian's Instagram does have a lot of guns, women, and cars in it.

All of it replicated for his 7 million Facebook fans:

Example is closet full of machine guns:

dan bilzerian closet of machine guns photo hot funny Imgur

Dan Bilzerian pictures sometimes get mislabeled.

Example is this photo mislabeling Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner kissing:

kylie jenner kissing kendall jenner hot tub Imgur Dan Bilzerian

Reddit comments:

Power 106 mislabels it as Kylie and Kendall Jenner, too:

kylie jenner kissing kendall jenner hot tub Imgur Reddit Dan Bilzerian Instagram Facebook I Seriously Can't Find Anything Wrong with this Scenario

Reddit comments say the photo comes from Dan Bilzerian:

Aside: according to the Reddit comments, these are real photos of Kylie and Kendall Jenner kissing:

kylie jenner kissing kendall jenner hot tub Imgur Reddit Dan Bilzerian Instagram Facebook

kylie jenner kissing kendall jenner hot tub Imgur Reddit Dan Bilzerian Instagram Facebook


Reddit comments above say that the lady on the left is the one sitting next to him on the couch in this Dan Bilzerian Instagram photo:

kylie jenner kissing kendall jenner hot tub Imgur Dan Bilzerian Reddit Facebook Instagram

More photos from Dan Bilzerian's Instagram and Facebook follow.

I see a trend...

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