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Apple’s pricing and sales experience will make or break Apple Watch

Opinion Apple s pricing and sales experience will make or break Apple Watch 9to5Mac


Materials. It is again assumed — and again very likely true — that the stainless steel Apple Watch will sell at a premium over the aluminum Apple Watch Sport, while the gold Apple Watch Edition will be significantly more expensive. Our editors think that the Sport will be $349, while the steel Watch will range from $449 to $549 or perhaps $599 depending on bands. If the prices are higher than this, Apple’s going to have an even tougher time selling Apple Watches than some analysts are already predicting.


The gold Edition model is the subject of the most internal debate, with guesses ranging from $999 to $4,999 depending on whether Apple hopes to sell a lot or very few of them. One hint that the price will exceed $999 is the Apple Watch’s digital crown: note that it’s always silver on the Sport, two-toned with black on the standard Apple Watch, and offered in four (mostly) band-matching colors for Edition. Apple could easily have gone with all-gold or gold with a black center, but instead, there are multiple band-specific parts. Additionally, every band (even the plastic one) has special gold parts to match the Edition watch. It’s obvious that very little is being done simply with Edition.

Bands are also likely to stagger prices. Apple is selling four steel Watches with plastic bands, eight steel Watches with leather bands, and six steel Watches with metal bands. It didn’t go cheap on the designs: the leather bands all have fancy metal accents, and the metal bands include magnetic clasps or user-removable links. These details suggest Apple will price the leather and metal bands at premiums over generic alternatives, and charge more for Watches bundled with them (compared with the plastic bands). 

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I wonder if Apple has the guts to sell a $5000 watch. Dis gon b gud.

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