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Puppy Kissing Fish is the best kiss ever

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puppy dog kissing fish meme tastes like chicken Imgur

Haha, I think that dog doesn't know what chicken tastes like!

"This isn't bread!"

What do fish eat when they're not eating bread?

Detritus worms, plankton, guppies, algae, dragonflies, regular flies, crayfish larvae, and, if you watch River Monsters, people.

Compared with that, dog snout sounds delicious. 

Is River Monsters good?

Okay now I'm frightened. 

For reasons I don't completely understand, My daughter (9) loves River Monsters. Who knew fishing could be so cool?

Ahem. Did someone mention GIANT FISH!?!?

You have been summoned!!

From the briny deep!

Christina, your daughter loves adventure!  Cool!


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