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The Teenage Girls Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser Behind The World's Only Tampon Video Game Just Made It Better

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Funny, fresh, addictive, positive social message, and a guy would never have thought it up? Baby game divas are my new jam! THIS is why diversity is good for all of us!

I like that they did it in part as a reaction to Texas confiscating tampons but not guns:

It's an unlikely idea for a video game: The hero, a young women, fires tampons at her enemies instead of bullets. But Tampon Run is so popular that its creators, two teenage girls, just spent seven weeks working with a development company to make sure that you can shoot those tampons even when you're on the go.

The high school students created the game, which just released a mobile version, to make a point—periods might be a normal part of women's lives, but most of us aren't comfortable talking about them. The girls wanted to start changing that taboo, in part by making people laugh.

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"We wanted to use code for social change, and wanted this to be an activist thing, but we also thought that humor was the best way to generate discussion about this topic, because it makes people feel comfortable," says 17-year-old Sophie Houser, who developed the game along with 16-year-old Andy (Andrea) Gonzalez, who met at a Girls Who Code summer program. "We definitely wanted it to be funny."

The projectile tampons were inspired by a 2013 abortion vote in the Texas State Capitol; as women entered the building, state troopers confiscated their tampons, claiming the women might start throwing them. At the same time—under Texas law—people could keep their guns.

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