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Retro Running Diary: Super Bowl XLIX

It’s like God decided, “What could be worse than the Helmet Catch? What if I created a catch under the exact same circumstances, with the exact same stakes, in the exact same building, with the exact same defense out there, only this time, the football hits seven body parts before it’s caught? Would that clinch Tyree 2.0 status? Should I throw in a couple more body parts, or are we good with seven?”

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We're good with seven, haha.

I have a gif of Marshawn and Gronk playing Madden 15 that I need to find and share with you. 

Found it! Adding it here... Warning: it's a 30M gif. But totally worth it.

Marshawn Gronk Superbowl 49 combined gif gfycat Imgur Conan Mortal Kombat X

Marshawn Lynch Gronk Superbowl 49 gfycat:

Found here:

That one is funny! BTW they are playing Mortal Kombat X in the original Conan vid. :)

I love that video:

That page includes a few other fun gifs made from that video. :) :)

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