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These Are The Ballerinas And Ballerinos Of Instagram

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Always fascinated to learn about unexpected online follower-bases.

Who knew this many people were into ballet??

American Ballet Theater icon Misty Copeland has over 402,000 followers on Instagram. To compare, athletes like Venus and Serena Williams have 89,500 and 992,000 followers, respectively. Michael Phelps has 462,000. Danica Patrick has 26,900.

Of course, ballet is easily the most photogenic of theĀ sports. An art form that toes the line between performance and feats of athleticism, it's filled with pirouettes and arabesques that when frozen in a frame appear like paintings or perfectly sculpted statues. Misty's Instagram account is filled with shots both on and off a stage, flexing her muscles and practicing her craft. And she's hardly the only ballerina -- or ballerino -- to grace the platform. One glimpse at the popular Ballerina Project account, followed by an impressive 641,000, and it's easy to see why dance fans are quick to double click on the endless stream of posed portraits.

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